Welcome to the 2 SNES Zelda games you never played; Goddess of Wisdom and Parallel Worlds. If you enjoyed A Link to the Past, these games follow closely in the same vein. These 2 games never went into production in Japan or the US but the game roms were decoded and translated into english to make them playable.

No packaging was ever designed for these games so we have done this from scratch. We have some original hand drawn work on the individual game box covers and plenty of juicy vector work throughout. We are including 3 bonus wall posters with this set; 2 are maps that have been designed to show the complete ovreworld and 1 is the triforce and master sword design. We also designed and manufactured the actual SNES cartridge housing, The carts also got exterior custom paint and graphics to make this a seriously stand out set and an amazing addition to any collection.

We here at Rose Colored Gaming are going to offer a very limited signed and numbered run of these sets which we have put a great deal of time and effort into. We plan to only make 50 sets with the possibility of 2 Special Editions which will go up on Ebay at the end of the run. 

The set is not entirely complete yet but when it is we will start accepting pre orders via our website http://rosecoloredgaming.com/repro-games.html

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